Using BMC Helix to Get Past DX Complexity

As companies progress in their digital transformation efforts, multi-device, multi-channel, and multi-cloud trends are causing multiple complexities.

In a recent CIO article, Colliers International’s director of IT for North America, Mihai Strusievici, cautioned that complexity is a digital transformation killer: “With complexity, you diminish your ability to deliver anything pleasant.”

Yet, today’s multi-everything environment makes it difficult to overcome complications surrounding transformational change. For example, IT leaders rank outdated infrastructure, processes, and tools as the top obstacles slowing their DX efforts, according to a recent IDG research study among 200 U.S.-based executives.

To stay on track, IT service delivery must change. This goes to the foundation of what organizations want to transform: ITSM systems. Organizations need open, flexible solutions that provide everything-as-a-service, with cognitive capabilities to deliver unparalleled speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency.

Change Is Hard

Change is disruptive, but with digital transformation, change may feel like a complete upheaval. Not only are technology and processes changing, so are the ways in which people act and ask for services. For example, lines of business go outside IT to deploy apps or new technology on their own, creating innovation bubbles that must tie back to existing infrastructure. Employees request services via Skype or Slack on the devices of their choice, expecting faster responses through those channels.

Add to the mix the uptick in multi-cloud adoption. In the IDG survey, 51% of IT leaders said they already integrated cloud computing and storage services from two or more vendors, with another 36% planning to do so within the next 12 to 24 months. Although the end goals are improving data availability, efficiencies, and resources, in the short term, managing multiple vendors is challenging — often giving rise to a lack of visibility, security, and asset management capabilities.

Traditional IT service delivery must evolve to support these emerging demands and trends. By automating more IT services and introducing cognitive capabilities, enterprises can alleviate some of the complexities that stall DX efforts.

Getting Over Complexity With BMC Helix & Cognitive Service Management

Quick wins are the easiest ways to start overcoming challenges. Deploy a process or technology in one area of the business, achieve efficiencies, then move on to larger segments of the enterprise.

For example, a large international bank was trying to shift toward self-service capabilities but was only achieving 10% adoption. The bank assessed why users were slow to take to the new service portal and found the portal lacked a pleasing, intuitive experience. The organization implemented cognitive technology — including chatbots and virtual agents — and within three months, the adoption rate among users soared to 52%.

Embedding cognitive capabilities is one step toward transforming traditional IT service delivery. Doing so addresses the future of work by enabling pleasing, engaging end-user experiences. To further reduce complexity, companies must shift toward a comprehensive cognitive service management (CSM) approach and BMC Helix. 

At the core of the BMC Helix cognitive service management offering are three key attributes: cloud, containers, and cognitive capabilities. The offering includes:

  • BMC Helix Discovery: Helps businesses discover assets and services across on-premises and multi-cloud environments
  • BMC Helix ITSM: Delivers predictive service management through auto-classification, assignment, and routing of incidents; embedded multi-cloud capabilities to broker incidents, changes, and releases across cloud providers
  • BMC Helix Business Workflows: Enables extension beyond IT to lines of business such as HR, facilities, and procurement
  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace: Provides omni-channel conversational experiences for end users beyond web to Slackbot, Chatbot, SMSbot, and Skypebot.
  • BMC Helix Innovation Suite: Offers a cloud-native microservices-based platform that helps companies extend, customize, and integrate through REST APIs.

By evolving IT service delivery toward CSM, companies can get over DX complexity challenges surrounding outdated infrastructure and processes, and more quickly achieve the promised benefits of efficiency, cost savings, and speed.

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