The 3 Core Components of BMC Helix, Part 1


By Vidhya Srinivasan

We built BMC Helix, our new, cloud-based Cognitive Service Management solution, to address today’s most pressing business requirement: how to rethink tools and processes to enable digital transformation. 60% of CIOs and other executives say that they’re behind in their digital transformations, while one in five CEOs will fail to act on digital initiatives. These are serious issues. We believe that BMC Helix can play a significant role in solving them.

What makes BMC Helix so powerful? We call its core components the 3 Cs: Cognitive, Cloud, and Containers. In this blog series, we’ll explore each one in detail to explain what it means to BMC Helix and why it matters to your business.

Up first: Cognitive. This is, after all, Cognitive Service Management, a term that highlights the critical importance of these capabilities to the solution. Cognitive Service Management (CSM) is our vision of the future of Service Management. It embeds emerging technologies like AI and machine learning into every step of the service delivery lifecycle to increase productivity, accuracy, and speed while reducing costs. CSM replaces outdated, manual processes with intelligence and automation to deliver smart, omni-channel experiences to both agents and end users.

BMC Helix prepares enterprises to transform their service management from being reactive to proactive and predictive with the highest accuracy and speed at the lowest cost.

  • Accuracy of resolutions through intelligent omni-channel user experiences. In today’s digital world, end users expect immediacy and accuracy of service using their channel of choice, achieved by cognitive automation of manual tasks and underpinned by a real-time understanding of deployed assets.
  • Speed through automation of repeatable processes. Speed of service delivery will be a competitive differentiator for businesses. This is delivered through automation of service desk processes for agents across the enterprise – IT and non-IT.
  • Cost savings across service delivery. CIOs are under pressure to transform their businesses while reducing costs. Chatbots and virtual agents support this objective by deflecting L0/L1/L2 agent tickets to effectively scale support. These processes help significantly reduce the people cost on mundane repetitive tasks.

As these outcomes demonstrate, cognitive capabilities should be approached like any other aspect of IT: with a laser focus on business results versus technical features. This is where BMC Helix really shines. While solutions from other vendors may claim cognitive functionality, it’s often a simple widget that’s more “shiny object” than “business game changer”. BMC Helix delivers on the opportunity of AI and more to truly impact your bottom line.

What does that look like in practice? The cognitive capabilities in BMC Helix essentially automate levels 0, 1, and 2 of your service delivery processes. With traditional ITSM, a user submits a ticket to a service desk agent. That agent then hunts down more information from the user as well as the solution to their issue – spending 70-80% of their time doing investigative work on the way.

CSM changes that paradigm. Via intelligent chatbots, it speaks to users in natural, native language to determine how to best solve the issue. It runs through the same troubleshooting script as an agent to determine the source of the problem, intelligently searches and accesses its knowledge base to provide an answer, or routes the ticket to the correct level 3 resource. By automating the more mundane tasks, CSM frees up agents’ time to work on higher value initiatives while helping end users find answers and get back to work more quickly. As a result, users are more satisfied and IT can more efficiently use its existing resources.

Which brings us back to BMC Helix. As the first holistic cognitive solution on the market, BMC Helix already delivers on the promise of transformative technologies in a very real way. Even better, the solution will only get smarter, both in actual use (it learns as you use it) and as we continue to add cutting-edge cognitive capabilities to the BMC Helix suite. From omni-channel interactions to predictive intelligence, BMC Helix brings the future of service management into your business today.

Vidhya Srinivasan is the Head of Marketing for the Service Management Business Unit.

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