Intuitive, Intelligent User Experiences Require a Human Focus

Incorporating a persona-based approach for IT service delivery can increase productivity, accuracy, and speed — and help trim costs.

The workforce and workplace rapidly are changing. Demographically, millennials and digital natives expect the same personalized, intuitive experiences they have at home. Meanwhile, cloud and mobility have changed how and where work gets done.

A persona-based approach to IT service delivery addresses this evolving landscape and at the same time, improves IT efficiency.

People: The Heart of IT Service Transformation

While automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are crucial in providing speed, efficiencies, cost savings, and accuracy, these technologies must be combined with an understanding of human experiences to be effective.

To meet the needs of the modern workforce, IT service management (ITSM) must take into account four main groups of people, their personas, and how they interact:

  • End users: Today’s users are fluent in assisted, cognitive services. They take advantage of the intuitive functionality of “if you like X, you’ll like Y” features from the likes of Amazon and Netflix, and have come to expect fast and accurate service delivery. Similarly, they want an easy interface to request and receive IT services anywhere and anytime, via any device.
  • Agents: Service-desk agents typically are tied to repetitive, mundane tasks. Fulfillment of back-office functions such as service requests and incident responses is manual and time-consuming. Automating the service experience empowers agents to focus on resolutions and delivering to the right service level agreements.
  • Operations: The work of IT operations managers is becoming more complex and time-consuming as enterprises increasingly adopt multi-cloud. Operations managers need greater visibility and tools to seamlessly and proactively secure, manage, and service end users and the IT assets they’re using. Doing so improves productivity and scalability while reducing costs.
  • Developers: Developers are under constant pressure to innovate and deliver competitive advantages. To create applications that support the future of work, they require tools and a scalable platform that allow them to quickly leverage cognitive capabilities such as chatbots.

CSM: The Bridge to the Persona-Based Future of Work

Cognitive service management (CSM) serves as a bridge connecting humans and machines to fundamentally improve ITSM —pleasing all users and making the workforce more productive and efficient.

CSM integrates cognitive technologies and automates processes to deliver comfortable, dynamic omni-channel user experiences, as well as the increased accuracy, speed, and cost savings agents, IT operations, and developers require.

The BMC Helix suite of solutions empowers each persona and accommodates the future of work:

  • End users: BMC Helix Digital Workplace provides consumer-like experiences, enabling individuals to communicate via their preferred channels — such as Slack, SMS, and Skype — on any device. It deploys a single, self-service catalog for easy, one-stop, IT-services shopping.
  • Agents: BMC Helix ITSM embeds cognitive, automated capabilities that transform the agent experience. User interfaces can be personalized according to roles and accessed across devices. In addition, the solution delivers predictive service management through auto-classification, assignment, and routing of incidents, tickets, and incoming emails, empowering agents to quickly and accurately resolve issues.
  • Operations: IT operations managers can gain visibility while reducing operating costs by seamlessly delivering IT services with BMC Helix ITSM. The solution lets them use and manage multiple clouds together, thereby streamlining incidents, changes, and releases across different cloud providers. BMC Helix ITSM deploys container technology to help IT operations managers effectively scale compute and capacity resources.
  • Developers: BMC Helix Platform gives developers out-of-the-box access to AI and machine learning capabilities to quickly embed innovation and predictive intelligence into existing applications with minimal risk. It is a cloud-native, micro-services-based platform, which allows for easy assembly with rich integrations.

Discover how to take a persona-based approach to IT service delivery here.


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